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So I Finally Managed To Get A Hetalia Costume Done

…And Homestuck steals all the Hetalia cosplayers

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Tutorial: Chest binder
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It’s Been Awhile

I fixed up my blog real good and even redid my cosplay page. And also, new theme~

I haven’t been in much of a mood to do anything between family stuff and my allergies. Seriously can not wait for summer. 

I’m also going to be attending Anime Mid Atlantic for the first time. So excited. I haven’t decided if I’ll cosplay or not, if I do then it’ll be either Izaya or Canada. ^u^

Inu X Boku Tea Party

Any Inu x Boku cosplayers going to Nekocon? I’m hoping to host a tea party this year. If not, I’ll definitely be doing this at Katsucon ^^

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2013 Con Plans

So these are the cons I’m planning to attend this year. If you’re attending also, let me know. Maybe we can hang out ^^

Madicon. Harrisonburg, VA // March 8 - 10
Shobou Con. Chesapeake, VA // March 23
CHS Otaku Fest[maybe]. Ellicott City, MD // March 30 
Sakura Street Festival, DC 
Anime Mid Atlantic
[maybe]. Chesapeake, VA // June 14 - 16
Otakon[maybe]. Baltimore, MD // August 9 - 11
maybe]. Huntington, WV // October 11-13 
Nekocon[maybe]. Hampton Roads, VA // November 1 - 3

Obviously, I’m not going to all of these but it’d be fun to meet some cosplayers around my area. I’m not 100% sure I’m going to be cosplaying at cons this year or not.

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